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Art Deco Autumn

Cocktail dress, French Martini, sultry nights. This occasion chair is calling out for a corner at Claridges bar.  ...

Long Dog Luxury

From a lover of long dogs with short legs to a lover of long dogs with long legs, this made to order Sausagey Round Footstool sporting Emily Bond fabric, reflects this lady's love of whippets. Complete with a matching bespoke lampshade, these pieces will last...

The Cigar Chair

Sit back & put your feet up with your best smoking pipe. This gentleman’s chair was given a well deserved makeover. A family heirloom, he will keep for another 50yrs or more. The New England leather hides smells amazing....sorry vegetarians!


The Super Long & Strong footstool, made to order featuring raspberry Bute tweed & contrasting turquoise deep buttoning, solid mahogany brass castors makes this a centre piece for any room.

Dancing in the Rain

Helen & Poppy graced us as beautiful models alongside the Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Featuring Helen's Grandmother's antique chaise longue, we gave her a well deserved makeover in Bute tweed. This is one very spoilt pooch as it will serve as Poppy’s throne lookout...

Tartan Flair

Restoring a childhood chair has got to be one of the most endearing things you can do for your family. This Grandma's chair has been lovingly given a makeover using Abraham Moon Tweed & can now be promoted from the garage to pride of place house status.

Showing 1 - 6 of 8 results