with a furry canine feel

The Scottish Collection

This new collection is inspired by Nancy of the Glen and her gallops amongst the sea moss and shells or meandering wolfhound walks around Victorian seaside terraces and villas. It tells the tale of a Victorian sweet shop with striped canopies, a world full of the glistening green of the sea and the glow of Scottish heather.

Rosie Loves Bruce - Steve Stag

Steve Stag


Billy Coo

Rosie Loves Bruce - Willy Whale

Willy Whale

Bespoke Interiors

Bespoke – a term often used, rarely understood. Bespoke interiors are created precisely to work for you, your family, your employees or clients. Our bespoke design combines sophistication with comfort to create a space that is truly unique.
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Home Furnishings Design Scotland
Rosie Loves Bruce Upholstery Service

Interior Design

Interior design is part art and part science – it’s the ability to understand people’s wants and needs and turn them into beautiful spaces. At Rosie Loves Bruce, we’re interior design experts!
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Rosie Loves Bruce - Interior Design


As a wholesale supplier we offer a carefully selected range of high quality interior design products. The unique style and superb quality of Rosie Loves Bruce is rapidly making us a popular choice for many designers.